Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm sick of being me, meaning I'm sick of not having a car, or a license, or any identification whatsoever. I hate not having the ability to do things for myself.

Now that I have a job, all that is going to change.

Passport getting renewed.
License being acquired.
Car being bought.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I hate that I have a job now, and all I can think about is all the stuff I want to buy. NO!

Honestly I do need the stuff, but I'm not gonna get paid for at least 2 weeks. I shouldn't be sitting here rubbing my hands together and drooling over things I want.

Things I can't afford. I need a side job that gives me more cash. I actually have an amazing modeling offer into which I'm looking. ^_^ <--- Grammar nazi self wouldn't let me end that in a preposition.

All my needs definitely outweigh my salary, but maybe I'll catch up and actually be able to start saving.

Dork Pic

Rockin' curly hair and my Seattle Street Sharks shirt.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Confessions Of A Grammar Nazi

Being a grammar nazi is not easy. It's not something you can control. It is not satisfying. It is annoying. Do you really think it's fun looking at virtually any piece of literature and seeing nothing but mistakes?

Do you know of the extreme dissatisfaction felt when you write something and realize that it is all wrong?

It's even worse when you're fighting with someone and spit out something that makes no sense in any known language.

Or when you're screaming at your cat because he took a crap in your room.

I don't get any satisfaction out of pointing out the difference between your and you're; the difference between their, they're, and there; or why you put "greater than I" instead of "greater than me."

It's just an OCD thing.

Update: I left the incomplete sentence as a kind of "self-taunt"... and everytime I look at my blog I feel a little sick and neurotic inside.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Newest Obsession

Found this song and I'm in love. The happy beat and beautiful melody speaks to me.

Every time I hear this song, my body involuntarily moves. Not even mad.

BT - Every Other Way (Twistex & Gunslinger Jones Remix)

Good Luck?

Yesterday was bizarre.

It started out horribly. I was definitely not feeling the day.
But I did seize it.
And I got a job.
And I made the team I tried out for.

Basically if I wasn't worried about a loved one, or missing my son, my life would be absolutely complete. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yeah, I'm stressed out. What's messed up is the fact that I have no control over anything that happens in my own life. If anyone just listened to my input, life wouldn't BE so messed up. I'm sick of my knowledge being underestimated and undervalued.


And then when the truth is realized (that I was absolutely 100% unquestionably right), nobody acknowledges that I POINTED THIS OUT.

People are stupid.

Where have all the smart people gone?

The Dog Days Are Over

Finally, I can walk outside without melting. Walks are no longer a death sentence.

Let us celebrate.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I Really Need To Go Shopping

All of my clothes are so old... It would embarass me to say when I got them. The problem is, apparently there is no place I can pick up something I LIKE!!!

I shop and shop and shop and end up coming home with socks and gloves. WTF is that?

Someone help me out here!

I wear looooooots of plaid.
I'm a cheapo.
I love dresses.

Find me a store!

The E-Cig

I use this website for all my nicotine. Let me put it this way. It completely eliminates my need for cigarettes and it costs me like $4.00 a month to satisfy my nicotine needs. That's pretty epic. If you use as a referral code you get 20% off your first order. :)

Gourmet Vapor

Happy smoking!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hell's Beetle

Holy crap. I just had the craziest encounter with a giant demonic insect.

I stepped out the door to have a smoke (I know. I know. Relapse. It's just part of the recovery process.) with Danny's sister, Lisa. I make it to the first step when suddenly Lisa let's out a high pitched scream. 

"What is that?!?!" she shreaks. 

Being the only non-arachnophobic person in the house, I assume it must be some poor tiny spider. I investigate and find it to be a rather large beetle. I have no irrational fear of beetles; Lisa, however, is terrified of beetles. She's getting ready to make a run out the door when her dog makes a go at the beetle. I deflect her and send her on her way, when suddenly the hell beetle ATTACKED THE DOG!!

Now realizing this is no ordinary beetle, I wait for the beetle to climb onto the wall, block it with the door so Lisa can run past, and proceed to smoke. 

Walking back to the stairwell, I see the beetle climbing on the wall. It falls. It climbs on the stairs. It falls, letting out a huge diabolical hiss. I get ready to run for it, Lisa right behind me, both of us squealing. The beetle takes flight!!!!! 

Screaming and cussing I run up to the top of the stairs, Lisa still right behind me. 

I breathe. 

"Eff that. We can just go in the kitchen door."


Monday, August 13, 2012

Ah, Youtube....

Found this gem last night and laughed way too hard.

Kids.... don't do drugs.

My Current Music Obsessions

I've been adding music to my library, and unfortunately I am the kind of person that listens to a song on repeat until it can no longer be played again EVER!

My current songs on repeat:

*Fading by Rihanna
*Better Days by Klaas
*Years by Alesso
*Drive Away by Thomas Newman
*Don't You Worry by Swedish House Mafia
*Some Nights by fun.
*Swerve by Excision
*The Other Side by Pendulum
*Farewell by Rihanna


I freaking love this..

Too lazy to write anything.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Inanimate Objects Hate Me

I could write all day about each of these experiences...

Maybe some day I will, but not at 5:31 in the morning.

I've been attacked by many inanimate objects since I was but a wee little thing. Here's a list of objects that have wounded me. And not in the way you would think.

*Carboard boxes
*Fishing poles
*Metal shelving
*Hole punches
*Baseball bats
*Manila envelopes
*Straws.... Oh God straws...
*Tree branches
*Phone chargers
*Car doors
*Plastic utensils
*Aluminum cans
*Mechanical pencils

There are more. So many more. I'm starting to have paranoid delusions that everything is a Decepticon and I'm screwed.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blonde Moments & Pepsi

Without fail, every day I go to the store and get a fountain Pepsi, come home, set it down, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! And proceed to not drink any of it.

Perhaps it's the journey I crave and not the headache relieving, thirst quenching carbonated caffeinated perfection that is Pepsi.

Ah the journey. This is what I go throw almost every day to get my Pepsi.

I walk about a mile and a half
Down a hill
In the blistering heat
To get a 64 oz. Pepsi refill
Which I then haul back up the hill
In the blistering heat
To then set it down
And not drink it


What I Spend Money On

Keep in mind that I am unemployed right now... So my money is limited to what I make freelance and what is given to me. So here's my short list on how I spend my cash.

*Pepsi. Almost always at least once a day. (That was a lot of adverbs there.....)

Now someone please explain to me why I'm not morbidly obese?


I've trained in ballet, clogging, jazz, contemporary, as well as in gymnastics. I've been dancing for 19 years and it is definitely top 3 in my list of passions. I love expressing myself through dance. Currently trying to make it a profession. After I tore my groin twice I basically gave up on teaching dance, which is what I wanted to do with my life.

Dance really is my dream and has been for a long time. Even greater than my musician dreams, and that's saying something.

Dance and music are necessary parts of my life. They've always been there and always will be.

Currently there are a couple of teams that are looking for dancers that I'm looking into, currently.

My dancing is funny. I either look like a graceful swan or a nerd face. It's awesome.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Make Gorgeous Babies

How Ypsy Came To Be

Those of you who thought this was going to be the story of my conception; I'm sorry to disappoint you. This is the story all about how I came to be known as Ypsy.

When I was still young, before the years turned my heart bitter and cold, before my life force had been stripped by stress and responsibility, I ran around in this "clan" of sorts. We went on long long long camping trips and bummed around, went to Evolution together. We were like family. I was homeless at the time, and roamed around the state a bit reading tarot and jamming on my guitar.

I always referred to myself as a gypsy because I loved the homeless life. (I know. I'm a bit crazy.) My friends were all taller than me, and they used to always make comments about how I was so tiny.

One night, one of them basically said, "you're such an itty-bitty gypsy. We should call you Ypsy."

Personally, I hate my name. It's so generic and boring. I would love it if everyone called me Ypsy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


For those of you who have never pissed me off or seen me truly livid:

I have a serious anger management problem.

It's really out of control.

It takes a bit to set me off, but when the adrenaline hits... run for cover.

Angry people tend to get flustered and say really stupid things.
When I'M angry, my mind works in overdrive to find the most hurtful, messed up things I can say to a person.


I need a healthy outlet for my anger. Or at least scream at someone for whom I won't feel remorse.

Books I Want To Write

*They're, Their, and There... Which One Is Right For You?
*Etiquette Your Parents Should Have Taught You
*Driving For The Complete Idiot
*Drinking: How Much Is Too Much?
*Christianity: What Jesus ACTUALLY Taught
*You Have No Reason To Be Stuck Up: How To Build A Realistic Self Image
*How To Rage Like A Pro
*How To Become A Conspiracy Theorist Overnight
*Anarchy: Why You Want It Even If You Don't Know It
*Real Music: How To Tell If Your Music Is Crap
*Curiosity: The Cat Had Eight More Lives... Do You?
*Shutting TFU: Your Guide To Not Saying Stupid Things
*How To Not Kill 500 People Tomorrow

Found This List....

Every day I will post one post from this list that Chris Brogan created! You can view the list here if you'd like to do the same. :)

Chris Brogan's 100 Topics I Hope You Blog About

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Disadvantages of Looking Young

I just tried to buy a lighter at 7-Eleven.
"Can I see your id?"
"No you can't because I do not possess one."
"I can't sell this to you then. "

So I gave my money to my boyfriend's sister, who proceeded to by the lighter WITHOUT being id'd and give it to me right in front of the cashier.

I was pissed. I'm 25 YEARS OLD GD IT!!
......... Why God did you curse me with such a face?

1000 points to the people who got that reference.

Here's a photo I found on Deviant Art. :)

©2011-2012 *MaximeCourty

Friday, August 3, 2012

I Am A Dork.

My Deal Breakers

I'm an extremely open minded, accepting person. But like everyone, I have pet peeves. If you want to be in my life all I ask is that you DON'T:

*Drink every day OR try to hang out because you have nowhere to drink.
*Steal my shit. Seriously. I am an extremely generous person and honestly, I would probably just give it to you anyway.
*Disrespect. Period.
*Lie to me. White or black. I'm a big girl, I can handle the truth.
*Diss on things I like. "To each his own"?
*Expect me to take your side opposing someone.
*Be a douche because I didn't take your side.
*Tickle me. Seriously. I will end you.
*Be judgmental. I absolutely hate judgmental people. You don't live anyone else's life so STFU about it.
*Be a zealot. I have very strong views that many have deemed "anti-Christian," such as my views on human rights and marriage equality. Also many Christians would say my religion is "of Satan."
*Confuse my friendship for romantic interest.
*Be shady.
*Brag. I HATE BRAGGING. There is a huge difference between bragging and telling someone about your accomplishments.
*Have a sense of superiority.

Also it helps if you:

*Love to be crazy in public.
*Sing everyday sentences.
*Love animals.
*Like to debate.
*Love music. Any kind.
*Understand my sense of humor.
*Have an unhealthy obsession with honey badgers and unicorns.
*Are nerdy.
*Understand why Adventure Time is like the greatest show ever. Seriously. Adventure Time is the greatest show ever.
*Don't get embarassed easily.

Now accepting applications for friendship. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things You Don't Know About Me

A surprising number of people know nothing about my life, despite years of friendship. I guess no one's ever bothered to ask about it. So here you go. A list of things you might know, but probably don't, about meeee.

*I was adopted *I have a billion siblings; adopted, half, full *I've been dancing for 19 years
*I've been playing the piano for 19 years *I've been doing algebra for 19 years *I've been reading since I was 3 1/2 *I've gone to school in 2 other countries besides the U.S.
*I've been to 6 different countries *I sing. Amazingly. (Not conceit here. Just known fact. It is my best talent) *I've had 2 kids *I was in the U.S. Army *I had the Mumps when I was 12 *I support marriage equality *I support cannabis legalization *My favorite food is sushi *I drink alcohol about 3-5 times a year *I quit smoking a month ago

There you go. It's like an ode to me. Lame I know. But I was bored.


When I was 20, I was a hippie to the max.
"I wish the government would be nicer. I wish people wouldn't fight so much. Why can't everyone love each other."

Now I'm like a hippie/political activist/anarchist....
"I wish the government would die. People need to pull their heads out of their asses and love each other before I end everyone on this planet. Fossil fuels are killing the planet, because no one listened to Henry Ford. Make hemp legal or I will bomb the whole world with MDMA." Yeah....

Growing older is fun. You appreciate the idea of the apocalypse waaaaaay more. You'll either die and not have to deal with this messed up world, or everyone stupid dies. Sounds like a win-win to me.
Three-quarters of the people on Earth dying? I'm all for it. I can't stand 3/4 of the people I know anyway.

That was a joke. I still love everyone; I just hate everyone.

I used to say that religion was the leading cause of violence in the world. I regress. STUPIDITY is the leading cause of violence in this world.

So quit being stupid humans.
And quit being selfish.
And quit being prejudiced.
Or I will end you.

Mornings... Or Afternoons?

Of course. I pass out at 7:00 AM and I'm up at 11:30 like clock work. WTH.

Here's a tidbit till I wake up. :)


Pulled myself out of bed because I realized I hadn't posted anything yet today. I should really stop waking up to sit in front of a computer. I never can think of anything good to post.

So yet again, here's a post about nothing.