Friday, November 2, 2012

Care Taker Fail

I tried so hard not to get sick. Didn't eat off of my son's food, sprayed everything down with Lysol, etc. So I make one stupid mistake. I lick the spoon my son was eating with. I didn't even swallow. I spit it out and rinsed out my mouth. Maybe if I'd had Listerine available I would have been fine. But alas, I awoke to nausea and a headache.

I hate being around my son when I'm sick. I feel like I spent the whole day yelling at him, and I hate that. My headache kills my patience... His constant hyper energy somehow makes me feel sicker...

I just need to get better so I can play with him and give him all the attention he deserves. :)

I wish Jake were here, though. He's the best medicine money can't buy.

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