Monday, November 5, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Color: Green
Food: Sushi
Breakfast: Cheerios/Sausage
Number: 32, 7
Animal: Any panther.. except jaguars. They kind of look funny.
Soda: Pepsi
Alcoholic Drink: Margarita
Liquor: Tequila/Whiskey
Beer: Shock Top
Meat: Turkey/Beef
Vegetable: Artichoke
Fruit: Blackberry
Pizza Topping: Pepperoni
Restaurant: Happy Sumo
Salad Dressing: Ranch
Candy: Warheads
Flowers: Carnations
Holiday: Halloween/Samhain or Thanksgiving
Time of Day: Early morning
Day of the Week: Thursday
Month: May
Vacation: New Zealand/Australia
City: Queenstown, NZ
State: Washington
Country: New Zealand
Activity: Either gaming or dancing
Sport: Football
Date Activity: Laser Tag
Way to Show Affection: Nibbling ha ha ha
Band: Queen
Singer: Freddie Mercury/David Lee Roth
Composer: Hans Zimmer
Guitarist: Eddie Van Halen
Song: There are so many!!!! But right now Overwhelmed by Tim McMorris
TV Show: New Girl, The Cleveland Show
Movie: Hmmmmmmmm..... I have no idea
Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Author: David Eddings/Robin Cook
Shoes: Anything plaid or with high tops
Outfit: Anything lace or plaid
Car: '69 Mustang GT convertible
Weather: Warm and overcast

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